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no need to be so defensive. i'm just making conversation. and i've only seen what four programs? at most. it was quite the experience.

what a good guy, worrying about that little troublemaker.

[it's hard to tell if he means that as an insult or affectionately. The truth was probably neither]

you could say that. we haven't really meshed well lately. disappointing, really
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From: [personal profile] trap_factory


a girl and another man. granted, it took a little bit to figure out what they were but there you have it. everyone seems chattier than rinzler at least!

that's a shame to hear... you'd think he was a little more well liked after the uproar that involuntary maintenance check caused. can you even call someone who has an audible error running at all times 'functioning properly'? seems suspect to me.

[he could write more. Bitter comments about the minor things that meant all the difference in the world... but he leaves it at that]
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From: [personal profile] trap_factory


no. elsewhere, actually. i'm surprised they didn't decide to 'import' along with rinzler. then again, the ingress seems to have rather eclectic tastes!

i'll say.

it's good to hear that you've got a well written set of protocols. can't imagine how this conversation might go if it turned out you're as hysterical as half the people aboard this ship.

not quite right.

i'd rather not imagine it. the secondhand embarrassment would cause me to shutdown in horror. HAHAHA!!


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