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[Well, he's not intending on infiltrating Clu's ranks immediately, so he switches the colors to a pale blue instead.]

Why are programs without discs arrested?

[He can kind of guess. It like having no personal documents or social security codes, but the discs seem a lot more personal than that, somehow.]
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From: [personal profile] beautifulspaceraptor

[Nihlus returns the smile, dark face lit up by the blue glow.] Remind me to thank Yewll again for this lovely gadget.

[As Tron explains what strays are though, he sobers. If Rinzler had been sentenced to solitary confinement, the length of time he'd be spending without his disc...

Well, things to keep in mind for the future.]

Tell me more about Clu.
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From: [personal profile] beautifulspaceraptor

[Well, careful planning was going to be hard when they had so little time to plan. Still.]

Other than editing programs, what powers do system admins have?


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