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[Alan is aware that he and Tron aren’t on the best of terms right now. Given how the program had avoided addressing him at all when he’d made his emergency post last month, it’s quite possible that the program isn’t interested in direct contact to any degree. With that in mind, Alan makes his warning short and to the point.

The only content of his message is a link to Clu’s newly posted listing on the crew directory.]
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No. I found out from Sam, who found out from the network.

Do you believe he’ll target you now that he’s here?
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[He might go after Tron. He might go after Rinzler. There’s too much ambiguity for Alan to be comfortable with and the fact that none of them had even heard from Clu before now is all the more worrying. Is he lying low for a reason? Is he planning something?

His thoughts are interrupted by Tron’s next message.]

Why would he do that?

[Alan had never been on the Grid. Clu would only even know who he was through hearsay. And he’d already proven that he doesn’t need Alan to access Tron or Rinzler’s code. To Alan's estimation, Clu would have more pressing targets to pursue.]
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I’ll keep that in mind. [It’s with some bitterness that Alan turns over that assumption. Clu might think Alan is capable of undoing his edits and perhaps he is capable of it in theory -- but his attempt to correct Rinzler had shown the task beyond boundaries wholly unrelated to permissions and programming.]

How far can Rinzler go in resisting Clu? If it’s possible, you’d both have an easier time protecting yourselves if you could work together.
[He knows it’s a big if; Rinzler’s code isn’t the only factor that could make their cooperation uneasy.]
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Re: text;

Alright. I’ll try talking with Rinzler about the situation myself, but if you can, it might be a good idea for you to speak with him too. He might tell you more than he’d tell me.

If it turns out he can’t resist Clu, is there anything we can do to prevent him from just handing over his code?


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