Who: L, Nihlus, Rinzler, Texas, Nova, Raeka and Yori!
When: After everyone gets their stuff back so uh, late-ish?
Where: The network tower!
What: Breaking in an causing havoc! Window washer uniforms??
Warnings: Some violence probably!

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Who: Steel and open
When: Now-ish (some time after information about intermediaries has been spread to the civilian population of Thisavrou, or at least some of this information has leaked out)
Where: Region Five - The Time District
What: Assignment T1 - The Petrified Dragon
Warnings: There is a potential for harm to dinosaurs and one NPC in this plot. I don't plan to write anything graphic, though.

...an iron fence guards a delicate structure that seems to be shaped to mimic the form of its inhabitants. )

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Who: Allura and whoever. Or not-Allura and whoever, it's open!
When: Backdated to while all the escape shenanigans is ongoing.
Where: In the prison. And it can continue as we're all leaving if you like?
What: A break from serious business and battle. Let's train some dinosaurs and ride them around for the heck of it.
Warnings: "Don't try this at home"?
EVERYBODY... is obligated to reference this song when dinosaurs are involved. )
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Who: Everyone
When: September 9th-23rd
Where: Kauto
What: Escape from Dino Jail and taking the fight to the Savrii
Warnings: Probable violence and mental manipulation. Label your content.
post-event plot here )