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( Jan. 1st, 2037 12:57 am)
Let me know how I'm doing, please! Concrit welcome, anonymous comments accepted.
On 4th-walling:
If your character is an Earth-child of the 80's, you may recognize Tron. He probably won't be too surprised at this, as he knows the Users are aware of the Games and programs in the system. If you mention a movie, however, he may be a little more confused.

On appearance:
Tron appears as he does in Legacy and the Evolution video game; that is, black bodysuit, no helmet, and blue-white lights on his circuits. However, as screencaps from both the movie and game are extremely limited, I will be using icons from the 1982 movie as well as the Betrayal comic book. He was in the movie for all of 5 minutes in a flashback, WTF. Hopefully there won't be too much confusion by this.

On transition to the "real world":
Tron is still a program, and has not been transformed into a human or any other organic being. If he is injured, he will "derez:" pieces of his code will break and disintegrate. If he is too badly damaged, he will experience complete deresolution, which is the same as death.


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