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Name: Tron
Canon: Tron [All accepted canon; Tron, Tron: Legacy, Tron: Uprising (Cartoon), Tron: Evolution (Video Game), Tron: Betrayal (Graphic Novel)]
Canon Point: End of Tron: Legacy
Age: Approximately 30 human years, compiled in 1982.

History: Wiki Link

Personality: Though Tron is technically a program, he still exhibits a human-like personality and emotions. He is usually serious and focused on the task ahead of him, sometimes to the point of single-mindedness. On occasion, he can seem to be something of a wet blanket; in the first movie, right after he, Flynn, and another program escape from the Light Cycles game, he exclaims, "We made it!", then turns seriously to the others and adds, "...this far."

One over-arching theme in both movies is a religious connection between the programs and their users. Tron is a devout believer in the Users, despite being threatened by deresolution (death) for that belief. His mantra is "I fight for the Users" and he is a source of inspiration and strength for other programs as they watch him compete in the games. When he finally meets a User, Flynn, he says, "You must have had a plan for this, all along." He is amazed to find out that Users are not all that different than programs, and that they "just keep doing what you think you're supposed to be doing." Tron responds to this by shaking his head and saying "stranger and stranger," but he still seems to be in awe of being in the presence of a User. During a relaxed moment with other programs, he pauses, and says with a smile, "I can feel it... Alan-One!" (Alan-One was the name of his programmer, his User.) He seems to have a real connection with the Users and will fight to the end to defend his belief. Near the end of Legacy, Tron is able to overcome his brainwashing/reprogramming into Rinzler when he sees his User friend Flynn, whom he had fought to defend. As his memories return, he crashes his light-jet into Clu's, calling out "I fight for the Users!"

Tron was designed to be a security program, but has expanded beyond that capacity in both his old system and the new. He has become Flynn's friend, someone he confides in, and someone he trusts to help run the place. When Clu began his descent into corruption, Tron did his best to stop it, but could do nothing, in the end. During Clu's betrayal, Tron did not think twice to defend his friend and User, Flynn, and seemed to fully expect to be derezzed in the fight.

Though Tron has strong emotions, he does not let them overcome him. When he thought that Flynn and Ram were dead, he showed a brief moment of anguish, then moved on with his mission to defeat the MCP. He shows righteous anger at the treatment of other programs, but does not allow himself to be rattled by it or flustered by it. Another example would be when he learns that Flynn is alive but Ram is dead, he shows joy at Flynn's survival, but a brief moment of somber silence for Ram... before moving on again. This does not mean that he cannot feel or show emotion at all, but instead he has it under control.

However, Tron can become too focused on the mission in front of him, causing him to seem emotionally cut off from others. His reactions to his counterpart, Yori, in the classic movie, especially in their deleted "love scene" are a good example of this; Yori seems to be trying to get him to open up and "relax" a bit, and he only seems interested in talking about where they are going next and how they're getting there. It's... a bit awkward.

When meeting new people, Tron has a tendency to be cautious, even suspicious, though he remains civil. It will take some time for someone to fall in the category of "friend" to him.

As Rinzler, Tron's personality changes drastically. He rarely speaks, only emitting a low-frequency growling sound most of the time. He is obedient, emotionless, and efficient, following Clu's orders immediately and without question. He seems to have a penchant for showing off his fighting abilities as well, especially in the Games, where he can truly shine. He can be violent and possibly sadistic, for example, kicking Quorra when she is already obviously down from his attack. In Clu's presence, however, he is subservient, even passive, his body language hunched and head bowed forward, ready to obey. Though the "Rinzler" programming appears to be gone, as Tron's circuits returned to their normal color as he fell into the Sea, there is no guarantee that it is completely erased.

Abilities/Skills: Tron has a high level of physical prowess, and is shown to be extremely athletic in both the original and Legacy movies. He is skilled in identity disk combat, and as Rinzler (and briefly as himself, Tron), he uses two disks, an ability that has not been seen or duplicated. He excels in light-cycle racing/combat and light-jet fighting. He also easily lifted Kevin Flynn over a railing with one arm in the original movie, so is shown to be far stronger than a normal human.

If Tron is injured, repairs to his code on his identity disc will also repair his physical form once the disc is re-synched to him. However, if the damage is severe enough, he will "derez" and disintegrate as his code falls apart.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Aside from the physical strength noted above, Tron has mental strength as well. He was able to withstand terrible torture from Clu and Dyson, choosing to stand for his belief in the Users rather than join Clu in his takeover of the Grid. Even early on, he stood against terrible odds and the formidable MCP to fight for what he believed in. In the end, he was able to overcome Clu's reprogramming by remembering "I fight for the Users" and forcing his way back to his original self.

Despite this, he is not infallible. As a program, he is able to be altered and reprogrammed, and his physical strength is not limitless.

A note for in-game necessities: while it is shown that programs can consume digitally rendered versions of human food, they require energy in some form to survive. Liquid energy is preferred, and has been shown in canon as either drawn from a pure source, or distilled and distributed in various forms. In the video game Tron: Evolution, programs are also able to recharge from energy sources by contact directly with their circuits.

Items: Black bodysuit with lightly padded body armor. Twin identity discs that lock onto a port on his back, holding all of his experiences and memories.

Network Sample: Previous game network sample

Prose/Action Sample: TDM Thread


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