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From: [personal profile] imaginary_wife

So. Mind if we have a talk about your duplicate and the surprise parties he's been thrown?
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From: [personal profile] imaginary_wife

I had someone in that was treating it like she was helping him, because she was being mind-controlled once.

I don't think these people understand what being a program is. And I don't think they'll listen to Alan or Rinzler. You and Sam probably have the most respected perspective.
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From: [personal profile] imaginary_wife

I think it will.

I think you have a better understanding of what improved you than they do. A young woman came in after attempting to fight him. She was wrecked. Much the same way you were.

But she thought he was like her, someone that was human once upon a time, but changed into a murder machine. That Alan would just change him back to normal.

Rinzler was fighting for his own mind, and people think this is alright. People are getting hurt trying to force him to change. Or to die.
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From: [personal profile] imaginary_wife

I think you should tell people what you are.

We're both artificial beings, but we know we're not like each other. You're the program. I'm the computer. But we're both people. You don't bleed, you shatter. I bleed, but I heal. Humans grow from infants. I talk to machines as easily as you would move your hand.

It's hard for them to understand we're not like them. Not when we look so similar. [Tron far more than her.] Some day you need to tell them. And why the choice is important.
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From: [personal profile] imaginary_wife

Artificial in a way. Even they're unique. They have constructed bodies, but their life is uniquely sourced from something called a "spark". Somewhere between their true form and a soul.

I saw how much pain you went through when we were repairing you. Would it have been the same for Rinzler?
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From: [personal profile] imaginary_wife

You still need to protect yourself. And so does he...

[She says it more as an understanding of what she's being told rather than anything else.]
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From: [personal profile] imaginary_wife

What if I could help him?

Alan wasn't the only one who could get in at his code. Not to change him, but let him show the truth.

He has no reason to trust me, but maybe he'd understand it from you.


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